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Learning Through Play


Our ethos at Hartfield Playschool is ‘Nurturing confidence by learning through play, in a happy, safe and caring environment’, and that is exactly what we do.

Our dedicated and caring staff work hard to create fantastic relationships with the children, which encourage a positive environment for them to thrive.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and learning through play is a practice that we encourage and support throughout everyday activities. 

Through play, children can make sense of the world around them and begin to learn so many skills they will need throughout life.

From social skills, to mathematics, play can help children to find meaning in experiences by connecting them with a concept they already know.

Take a simple game of snap… from this game, a child can learn turn-taking, social skills, shape recognition, language skills and so much more. 

The Playschool team take pride in providing a loving, caring and inclusive environment that enables children to learn and build a foundation that will help shape their experiences as they move through life. 

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