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Ofsted rated us Good


"Children flourish in this warm and welcoming environment. They engage and immerse themselves in the exciting activities set for them, which are based on their interests. Staff provide a well-thought-out curriculum to support and embed children's learning.''

''Children demonstrate that they feel safe and secure. They form good bonds with the staff, who are attentive and kind. They feel confident to approach staff for comfort, which supports their emotional well-being."

''Children behave well"

"Children start to share and take turns. They become increasingly independent.

"They plan targeted support and provide individual learning activities to support children's next steps in learning. As a result, all children make good progress in their learning and development."

Staff engage well with children. They challenge children's abilities and check their understanding of what they are being taught."

"Partnerships with parents are a strength of the setting. Parents speak highly of the playschool. They comment that the manager and staff are extremely supportive to both their own and their children's needs. Parents describe the staff and manager as 'fantastic'. They say that they are very happy with the progress their children make in their learning and development."

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